Heartsmagic is a registered charity (Charity Number 1185985) who’s primary objectives are the social well-being of the older generation in the communities of South Wales.

Heartsmagic has provides a lifeline of community support for some of the most vulnerable people of Blaenau Gwent. Though out the pandemic Heartsmagic worked with a number of organisations that delivered food medical supplies and shopping trips for those who could not support themselves. Our staff, along with a strong volunteer base are experienced in providing this vital support service in cooperation with Social Services, charities and wellbeing groups to help relieve financial burdens.

Our Transport to Health initiative provides transportation by friendly volunteers to medical appointments for those who either cannot afford public transport or have additional physical needs. Our organisation strives to provide support to our community to help relieve the strain that is caused by the rising cost of living and unemployment. For more information contact one of our friendly experienced staff members to find out how we can support you today.